Full Tracks of Acoustic, Electric, Rhythm, Lead and Bass for $60

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Thomas V. Dekker

Full Tracks of Acoustic, Electric, Rhythm, Lead and Bass for $60

If you are looking for someone to record the guitar tracks you need, look no more, you found it. I will do the acoustic guitar, the rhythm and lead electric and the bass for you.

As a session guitar player based in Vancouver Canada, I specialize in rock, blues, pop, country and worship music. My work is about finding the right tone and texture, placing the right note at the right time, in such way that the guitar serves the song, adding to the context of it.

I have access to a vast variety of basses and electric guitars, from Gibson Les Paul's and ES-335's, Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazz Bass. For my acoustic needs I use an '89 Gibson J-200, a Martin D-28 and a Taylor GS8.

As for recording I use the PreSonus Audio Box into Logic Pro X with a variety of great condenser/dynamic microphones. That combined with award winning plugins and the quality of my instruments, it doesn't take a lot to get amazing guitar sounds.

My process is simple and designed to give you everything you may need as efficiently as possible. If you know exactly what you want I can easily do it. If you're unsure about what you want then I'm happy to lend my years of professional experience to help you create the best guitar parts for your song. I'm a fan of layering and panning and will send you fully edited and comped finished tracks so all you will need to do (unless you specify otherwise) is plug the tracks into your song. Included always is a .txt file called "Session Notes" explaining my detailed thoughts behind each track I send you.

I'm easy to work with and can communicate ideas very clearly with artists about the song in terms of tone, parts, references, etc. Let's make some music. Thanks.

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