Electric/Acoustic Guitar Tracks for $50

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Nick Rousseau

Electric/Acoustic Guitar Tracks for $50

I'm a professional guitarist who is well versed in Jazz (from contemporary to hard bop to ECM), classical, classic rock, grunge, metal, funk, fusion, top 40s, indie, folk, blues, punk, ska, reggae and more! I'm a versatile musician who can achieve various tones, and proficient with a pick, finger-plucking, or hybrid picking. I can provide anything from classical arpeggios, single note melodies, improvised guitar solos to background lines.

My service is for one complete guitar track, with package deals for more. Includes two revisions.

D'angelico Excel SS
FGN J Standard Telecaster (Humbucker with coil taps)
Eastman PCH Acoustic

Boss OC3 Octaver
Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
Donner Looper
ElectroHarmonix Superego
Moollon EQ
Morley Mini Wah/Volume
Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb
Walrus Audio Voyager Overdrive/preamp boost
Walrus Audio Luminary Quad Octave Generator
Walrus Audio R1 Reverb
Walrus Audio Ages Overdrive
Proco Rat Distortion
Mooer Black Secret Distortion
Electro-harmonix Attack Decay
Electro-harmonix Nano Muff
Red Panda Labs Particle Delay

Fender Deluxe Reverb
DV Mark Jazz 12
Henriksen Soundclone 110
Fishman Loudbox Charge

Universal Audio Apollo x4
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

Royer R10 (Ribbon)
Oktava MKL2500 Michael Joly Mod (Tube)
Oktava MD382 (Dynamic)
Shure SM57 (Dynamic)
Sterling ST170 (Ribbon)
Warm Audio WA-47JR (LDC)
Rode M5 pair (SDC)
Electrovice 635a (Dynamic)

  • Jazz
  • Rock

Original Compositon

A composition of mine which features myself playing bass and guitar (melody, chords, and fingerpicking)
  • Original Compositon
  • Rest/Unrest (Nick Rousseau)

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