Mixing jazz, rock, songwriter, folk for $125

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Mixing jazz, rock, songwriter, folk for $125

Hi! I'm a mixing engineer based in Brooklyn, NY and I work through my company Terranaut Recordings. I work with a lot of organic music styles from jazz, folk, and rock.

My introduction to music was when I started playing guitar as a kid, which eventually led me to University and I acquired a Bachelor of Music degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Jazz Studies from Florida International University, as well as a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies from New York University. I've spent years working as a professional guitarist/composer (as well as the many other things when functioning as an independent bandleader), and through that experience I learned how to mix from a natural standpoint: on the gigs. I believe working with bands and no sound person is what taught me what a good mix should sound like and gave me the skills such as: balancing, blending, locking in rhythmically, etc.

For my humble price of $125 I'll mix your track with unlimited revisions. This includes some basic level normalization, but if you're also working with a mastering engineer I can leave the levels as is. My idea of a perfect mix is sitting at a venue in the best seat in the house, but this is the venue of your dreams. I'd call this a "Hyper-realistic" approach.

Universal Audio
Soundtoys Plugin Bundle
Izotope Music Production Bundle
Valhalla DSP Room
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-Amps & Pedals (Available for reamping):
Fender Deluxe Reverb
DV Mark Jazz 12
Henriksen Soundclone 110
Vox AC15
Fender Champ 12

Line 6 HX Stomp

Boss OC3 Octaver
Chase Bliss Audio Dark World Reverb
Donner Looper
Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold
Electro-harmonix Nano Muff
HotoneKrush Bitcrusher
JHS Moonshine Overdrive
Moollon EQ
Pigtronix Space Rip
Proco Rat Distortion
Red Panda Labs Particle Delay
Strymon El Capistan V1 Delay
Teisco Fuzz
Walrus Audio Fathom Reverb
Walrus Audio Voyager Overdrive/preamp boost
Walrus Audio Mira Optical Compressor
Walrus Audio R1 Reverb
Walrus Audio Ages Overdrive
Walrus Audio Monument V2 Tremolo

  • Jazz
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Folk

Rest/Unrest by Nick Rousseau

Original composition by myself (I played guitar, wrote the music, produced the recording session, edited and mixed the track)
  • Rest/Unrest by Nick Rousseau
  • Empty Hedonia by Ianto Jones

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