All kinds of GUITARS/Banjo/CigarBox/Ukulele for $70

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Rafael Varela

All kinds of GUITARS/Banjo/CigarBox/Ukulele for $70

I´m a professional guitar player with 20 years of experience working with top level musicians in South America. I have produced many well rated recordings in my country with well-known musicians and popular singers, as the artistic producer, arranger and main guitar player. I have years of professional experience and a fully-equipped, state of the art recording studio. I work within almost every musical genre, mainly Rock, Pop, Folk, Electronic Music, and also various world music genres like Tango and Folklore.
I can play any kind of guitar style with ease as you can check in my audio section. Also I can play banjo, cigar box guitar and ukulele.Also I´m a Berklee graduate just to know. I just have these words: Let´s make music!

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Latin

The Moon goes Away

Acoustic ballad
  • The Moon goes Away
  • Waters
  • Electric Guitar Demo

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