Music production for $350

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Music production for $350

Hello! My name is Rafael Varela and I am a professional producer with an active career in South America. I have produced many well rated recordings in my country with well-known musicians and popular singers, as the artistic producer, arranger and main guitar player. Because I´m from South America I have most of my most important works sung in Spanish, but I also include some in English in the audio section so you can hear both languages. I have years of professional experience and a fully-equipped, state of the art recording studio, as well as a team of professional musicians/singers that I will put at your service to reach the sound you want for your song/record.
I work within almost every musical genre, mainly Rock, Pop, Folk, Electronic Music, and also various world music genres like Tango and Folklore.
How do I work? You can send me your song in a basic lo-fi recording (recording yourself on your cellphone for example) of the vocals (if there are vocals) and chords, and a reference of the sound you´re looking for in terms of atmosphere or instrumentation (for example, a famous song) just so I know the style that you´re looking for. I will deliver to you an arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered product. If the song includes your own vocals, you also have the option to recieve a completely produced track with no vocals for you to record it by yourself (at home or in a professional studio of your choice) and then send it back to me, so that I can add it to the whole project before sending it to post-production.

My studio set:
API IN THE BOX. Apogee Symphony I/O 16X16.
API 512C (8). Rupert Neve Designs 511 (8).
Dynamic processor:
API 527 (3), 2500 (1). Altec 436C (1). Chandler Limited EMI TG12413 Zener Limiter (1). CRANE SONG Falcon (1). DBX 560 (2). Elysia Nvelope 500 (1).
Empirical Labs Distressor (2). Purple Audio Action (2). Warm Audio WA76 (1), WA-2A (1).
API 550A (4), 5500 (1). CRANE SONG Insigna (1). Neumann 492C (2), W695 (2).
Orban 622B (1).
Analog Reverb: Orban 111B (1).
AEA N8 (1), R84 (1). AKG 414 (2),112 (1).
Beyerdynamic M 160 (1). Electrovoice RE 20 (1).
Manley Reference (1). Neumann U 67 (3), U 64 (1), KM 184 (2).
Royer R 121 (2). Sennheisser 421 (4).
Shure SM 57 (3), SM 58 (1), BTA 52 (1).
Piano Steinway. Fender Twin Reverb.
Vox ac30. Orange Dark Terror.
Marshall MKII. Ampeg SVT III.

Feel free to contact me for any information you may need. Let´s make music!

The Moon Goes Away

Composer, singer and guitar player
  • The Moon Goes Away
  • Todo un Palo
  • No Soy un Extraño
  • Hoy Todo el Hielo en la Ciudad
  • Solo se Trata de Vivir
  • Aguas
  • Canto de Ordeño

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