Professional guitar tracks for $110

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Alex Baroni

Professional guitar tracks for $110

Professional musician/producer with over 30 years of stage and studio experience. With great experience on Rock, Blues, Pop Rock, Funk, Ballads rhythm and solo guitars.
Also experienced on doing remote recordings in my Home Studio.

Always playing for the music, looking for the right playing and tones for your song.

Electric Guitars: Fender vintage Strats and Teles, Gibson 1964 SG Jr (P90)
Amp: Supro Statesman + 2x12 Cabs (All Tube)
Multiple effects and analog pedals can be used
Professional Home Studio setup (Mics, Pres, Interfaces, Monitors, iMac, Logic Pro X, etc)

Described price includes up to 2 guitar tracks on the same song.

I can produce your entire song (all instruments)! Please take a look at my other services:
- Professional Arrangements
- VSTi based tracks for multiple instruments (Drums, Bass, Strings, Brass Section, etc). Only using the best plugins in the market!
- Creation of Backing Tracks for your band
- Professional Audio Editing (Tuning, timing, fixing, removing unwanted noises, etc. For vocal or instrument audio tracks)

On the samples provided, I played/programmed all the instruments.

100% positive feedback.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions before purchase.

Funk Solo

Playing / programming all instruments
  • Funk Solo
  • Funk Rock Tone Sample
  • Rock Tone Sample
  • Rock Tone Sample 2

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