Professionally recorded Guitar Parts for $50

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Ben Draper

Professionally recorded Guitar Parts for $50

Hi, I'm Ben and I will record Guitar parts for your song!
This can be chord progressions, riffs and solos, whatever your song needs to shine!

I have a BA in Music performance and ample experience performing and recording in many different projects. I'm currently the lead guitarist in rock band Dirty Rose, we performed at Download Festival 2019 and have just released our debut album! I have also collaborated with artists ranging from Hip-Hop to Country and previously played in a metal and a pop-punk band. I regularly post Youtube covers of varying genres and have taught private guitar lessons for the past 3 years, reinforcing deeper understanding of many guitar concepts and popular songs.

I will send all parts - double tracked if appropriate - of Electric or Acoustic guitar (accompanying Bass guitar parts if desired) separately in WAV. format, recorded either DI (Neural DSP Archetype:Plini used for electric guitar tones) or mic'd up with an Aston Spirit microphone at your specification. I have a range of guitars from Fender Mexican Telecaster to Chapman 7 String to Gretsch Jim Dandy Acoustic, as well as a Marshall JVM head and Blackstar ht-5 Metal amplifiers for a wide range of tones.

  • Blues
  • Hard Rock
  • Country
  • Hip Hop
  • Singer-Songwriter

Turn it Up (Guitar Solo)

A section from original song by my band Dirty Rose.
  • Turn it Up (Guitar Solo)

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