Get guitar tracks for your songs for $15

In Guitar By Stefano Andrigo

Get guitar tracks for your songs for $15

Hello, I'm Stef! I can make guitar tracks for your songs very rapidly, including both lead guitar and rhythm guitar, for every genre, acoustic guitar included.
I've been a guitarist since I was a child.

For your song I can use a Fender Telecaster or an Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue amp 1x12" for electric guitar parts, while I use a Taylor guitar for acoustic tracks. Moreover, I own a pedalboard equipped with MXR and Boss pedals (Cry Baby included) and an octaver signed by Electro Harmonix (Micro POG).

I use Pro Tools or Logic Pro X to record and I provide one track in high resolution recorded by professional microphones: SM57 Shure and Sennheiser e609 for electric guitar tracks and NT5 Rode or AKG P120 (or both, using NT5 Rode pair for stereo recording and AKG P120 near the source) for acoustic guitar tracks.
If requested, I can also record directly through audio interface and use a guitar program (AmpliTube 4) to find the right sound!

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information!

Roxanne - The Police (Cover)

  • Roxanne - The Police (Cover)
  • Cult Of Personality - Living Colour (Cover)
  • You Don't Love Me - The Allman Brothers Band (Cover)
  • Kiss Me My Love (Solo) - Johnny Punish
  • Phony Baloney - Johnny Punish
  • Blue - Macabre Thespian
  • Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (Cover)

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