Professional Guitar Tracks / Solo Tracks for $80

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Jean-Marc Perc

Professional Guitar Tracks / Solo Tracks for $80

Hi there !

I am a musician from Vienna / Austria and playing, writing and producing music for more than 15 years now and I would be happy to help you out with the task at hand!

After studying Jazz and Popularmusic in Vienna, I focused on producing music.

I can play a variety of styles (Pop, Rock, Jazz, Progressive Metal etc.) and I am technically very proficient - so even if you need a shreddy guitarsolo - let me know

I have a professional Recording Setup that I will use to record the sound that will fit your needs.

DAW :Presonus Studio One
2 Adam A5X Monitor Speaker
Fractal Audio Axe FX II

6 String Ernie Ball MUSICMAN Silhouette
6 String Fender Telecaster
6 String Acoustic Guild GAD F40
7 String Ibanez Prestige RGA 420Z

also a variety of VSTs and Plugins to find the sound that you want.

In the price included:

- 2 tracks arrangement
- 2 revisions
- WET AND DRY TAKES : every take will have the additional DI tracks so you can use it for re-amping purposes

- full song up to 5 minutes

I am able to read standard notation, and chord charts - but these are not necessary since I can play entirely by ear.

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