Exploring The Depths Of Creativity For Electric & Acoustic Guitar for $75

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Exploring The Depths Of Creativity For Electric & Acoustic Guitar for $75

Hello there my fellow creative! First off I wanted to say thank you for giving my page a visit, as you are about to embark on a vibe and half!

My name is ShoPaRo and I have been playing, performing, teaching and producing music for about 20 years. With experience playing multiple instruments and genres, I will be able to bring something fresh to your tune!

I am an active producer in the online music community. Though my main focus is chill music, I am well versed with playing other genres such as EDM, Trap, Metal, and more. Check out ShoPaRo on any streaming platform for references!

Some of my personal favorites being the following:

Modern Fingerstyle
Pop Punk

How It Works:

First, I am big on communication when it comes to music. Let’s have a chat about your project and discuss your expectations with our collaboration.

Next, you’ll send me an mp3 or wav of your current project.

No project yet? No problem! Send me a doc or pdf with your top 3 references or voice memo to get us started.

The Cool part is, at no extra charge to you, I’ll share the sketch phase (when first creating guitar parts). This will be included as a small 15 second video that you can use for content. This also serves as a great point for us to do any revisions and includes YOU in the writing process :)

Lastly, I’ll send you back the finished results for you to get creative with your project!

Need a revision?
Not a problem at all. I offer two revisions per project.

Just want a short sample for your beat?
Not a problem! I offer a sample service for this reason (n_n)

Cliff notes of what you will get with when hire me:

- 20 years of playing & composing experience
- Quick responses and undivided attention to your project
- A vast selection of high quality tones, fx, and guitars to choose from :)
- High quality single or multi layered guitar parts
- Sketch Phase Content & Check in
- 1 to 4 Delivery on final recording process ( Dependent On Project )
- Sample Service for Beat makers and Producers

The motto I live by is “Stay Creative” and by hiring me as your guitarist I will ensure that our work together will do just that… inspire and curate a place of consistent creativity.

Interested in having a chat? Ready to get started?

Send me a message or hire me now (n_n)

Stay Creative,


Guitar Demo Reel

A Snapshot of All the tracks I have performed Guitar, Programmed Drums, Mixed, and Mastered
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