Professional Podcast edition and production for $10

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Professional Podcast edition and production for $10

Are you looking for a professional podcast producer with a track record of success? Look no further! With over 4 years of experience producing 4 podcasts that have reached listeners in 15 countries worldwide, I have the expertise and skills to take your podcast to the next level.

As your podcast producer, I will provide comprehensive editing services to ensure that your podcast sounds polished and professional. I can edit your voice and co-host or guest vocals separately, even if they are all in the same file. I'll also add music if you ask me to, and I can create an outstanding intro for your podcast that can be used as an outro. Whether your podcast is focused on news, comedy, interviews, or any other genre, I can edit it to your specifications and make sure it sounds great.

My gig includes editing for up to a 60-minute episode, with the option to add additional editing for every extra 20 minutes at a low rate of $2. Plus, I offer many extras to enhance your podcast, such as creating custom music for your podcast, distribution on streaming platforms, suggestions on how to improve your content or recordings, and social media shares to help you gain more visibility and reach more listeners.

If you want to take your podcast to the next level, hire me as your podcast producer today!

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  • Singer-Songwriter

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