Podcast Editing & Post Production per 10 mins for $10

In Podcast In Podcast Editing 100% Guarantee By Ed Rome

Podcast Editing & Post Production per 10 mins for $10

With over 15 years experience in pro audio, I can make your podcast stand out above all others by:

reducing background noise
reducing or increase room ambience/reverb
'de ess' sibilance ('s' 't' 'ch' noises etc)
using pro EQ I can brighten and make voice over less 'boxy'
edit out long pauses or any mistakes
mixing in any other music/audio beds that you provide as intros or outros
master the final audio to commercial quality and loudness without over-mastering

Focal Solo6 Monitors
Mac intel tower
UAD 2 Apollo
UAD 2 PCIe x 2
Motu 828 Mk2
Soundcraft M8
Presonus HP 60
Fully acoustically treated listening environment

Logic X
UAD 2 plugins
Waves Sound Design Suite
DSP Quattro
Countless other plugins

Please be aware that some audio is beyond repair but obviously I will do my best with what I am given!

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