Reggae Guitar for $150

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Ed Rome

Reggae Guitar for $150

Please contact me with project details before ordering.

Peerless 335 Gibson/Strat Texas Special/Tele Texas Special played to the highest standard in pro (Slam Door) Studios through late 70's Marshall JCM 800 mic'd with AEA R 84/Royer 101 Ribbon mics through AEA TRP Pre Amp in acoustically treated room (with actual bass trapping) through UAD 1176 compressor(s).

Customers in the past include Neville Staple (The Specials), Lee 'Scratch' Perry (live), Rhoda Dakar (The Bodysnatchers/The Special A.K.A.), Freddie Notes (Trojan Records), Dennis Alcapone (Studio One) and more...

  • Reggae
  • Soul
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Funk

The Liar

The Liar
  • The Liar
  • There's Nothing Else To Do
  • 'Allnighter' Instrumental Version
  • Get Angry
  • 'Storm' taken from the album 'Snapshot'
  • Rolling

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