Quality VOCALS any genre - Work for Hire/ROYALTY FREE for $200

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) By Onyie Sings!

Quality VOCALS any genre - Work for Hire/ROYALTY FREE for $200

Welcome to Onyie Sings Vocal Services! Please send me a message about your project after reading & BEFORE PURCHASING. Thanks!
I will provide a clean, professional LEAD vocal (melody only) for your track…

-- Vocal Stems (all parts if applicable)
-- Work-for-hire & Royalty free!
-- MOST GENRES!! Sara to Sia, Amy to Aretha! Jazz to Rock and almost everything in between!
-- Quick turnaround
-- ONE revision (revisions must be requested with 48 hours of delivery, no exceptions)
-- The quality of my work always meets if not surpasses the expectation and I'm super proud of that!

"Work for Hire" means I relinquish all rights and receive no royalties for the work. No matter how profitable the track may become, I earn no revenue after the initial payment. This is factored into my rates. 👍🏾

BGVs/harmonies WITH my lead would be a custom order we can discuss! For JUST backups, please see my other services!


Lead Vocal (your lyrics + your melody) - $200
Lead Vocal (your lyrics + my melody) - $275
*Lead Vocals + Backing (already written)- $450 (save $100)
*Lead Vocals + Backing (I create; aka TOPLINE)- $600 (save $150)

**For any more specific detail questions you have, please send in your message and I’ll be happy to answer them! For CHORUS, HOOKS or SAMPLE style vox see other services!

  • Folk
  • Gospel
  • Rock

Handstands (Jazz)

This was a demo (unused) for a film. The final version is entirely different but I loved this one too!
  • Handstands (Jazz)
  • Always Ain't Forever
  • Can't Win
  • theHat (demo)
  • theHat (demo 2)

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