TOP RATED - Main Vocals, Harmonies, & Adlibs for $230

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) 100% Guarantee By Claire Wittbold

TOP RATED - Main Vocals, Harmonies, & Adlibs for $230

RETURNING CLIENTS: Please message me for a special pricing. Only those who previously hired me in 2018-2021 will be eligible for the loyalty price.

I'm an experienced AirGigs singer. Check my profile for 70+ reviews on my service! (100% 5-star rated!)

My style is heavily influenced by Pop artists such as Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Tove Lo, Zara Larrson, and more. I can sing almost any genre but my voice is most suited for Pop and EDM. Please keep this in mind when ordering my service. If you're unsure about my voice on your track, please send me a message and I'm happy to try a sample!

My biggest musical achievement would be traveling to South Korea to perform in a children's show as "Maria" from Sound of Music. I went to school for Audio Engineering and I’m user-certified in ProTools 12 (which I use at home.)

MY RANGE - My absolute lowest note is G2 and my absolute highest (falsetto) is G6. If your song contains anything higher or lower than these notes you will need to look for a different singer or be open to melodic alterations. For a great sample of my range, check out my cover of Dancing With The Devil found in the Audio tab of this service!

Main Vocals - Main vocals of a song or jingle less than 5 minutes (includes backing vocals)
Edited/Comped Vocals - I will comp my vocal takes to ensure perfection, remove empty noises & breaths between phrases, and apply any needed noise removal for crystal clean delivery.
Harmonies & Adlibs - Tasteful embellishments throughout the song.
Tuned Vocals - Pitch and timing correction on all vocal tracks, excluding backings.

IN TOTAL - With this service, you will receive 8 or more tracks including: main vox, backing1, backing2, adlibs, and several harmony tracks. These will be exported individually as mono 24bit 48khz wav files. Untuned/raw tracks can also be delivered if requested.

Once the service has started, I deliver drafts as mp3 files so you can hear how it sounds with light FX and music. After it's sounding exactly how you want, I apply tuning to the final tracks and deliver them individually to complete the order.

Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB
Focusrite ISA One
Warm Audio WA-2A
Aston Origin
Aston Swiftshield
ProTools 12
Mogami GOLD cabling

Feel free to send me a message before ordering if you have any questions about my service! Thank you for your time, I hope to work with you soon!

  • EDM
  • Pop
  • Electronic
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Hip Hop

Dancing With The Devil - Demi Lovato

Cover with FX (mixed by me)
  • Dancing With The Devil - Demi Lovato
  • More - K/DA
  • Crown - Camila Cabello

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