Topline/Catchy HOOK or Chorus - NO Royalties/Rights work-for-hire for $250

In Vocals In Vocals (Female) By Onyie Sings!

Topline/Catchy HOOK or Chorus - NO Royalties/Rights work-for-hire for $250

Your track is almost done...almost perfect... it just needs THAT hook! I got you!
I will provide a catchy, unique (if you want), radio-friendly (if you need) Hook/Chorus for your song/beat.
OR I can provide a perfect TOPLINE for your track/beat!

-- SOLE OWNERSHIP: Once you purchase my vocals they're yours and you retain sole ownership of all masters (if applicable)
-- ALL (most) GENRES!! I can write for all genres and sing most genres!
-- HARMONY: option available upon request
-- ONE REVISION: revisions must be requested within 48 hours of delivery, no exceptions
-- TOPLINE: Lyrics and/or Melody and/or BGVs; custom orders & rates vary (including the option to keep my vocals for your project)

I LOVE DETAILS and I'm not insulted by them - no ego here! I want to provide you the best version of exactly what you want and I've been doing this (remote session vox) long enough to know that the satisfaction for my clients/artists are in the details! That's how you get to be.. ahem, ahem... a top-rated airgigs studio pro. LoL!

  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Soul
  • Jazz
  • House

Gotta Find A Way

I was just given time stamps, the style and the overall theme. Loved it!
  • Gotta Find A Way
  • Reach Out
  • Need To Know
  • Can't Win

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