Male Rock Vocals and Screams for $200

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Male Rock Vocals and Screams for $200

Do you have a track that needs rock vocals or screaming? I perform and record multiple vocal layers to take your track to the next level.

Simply send me your track and lyrics, and we can decide what type of performance you want over video chat. I'll do a 4 hour vocal session, edit and tune the vocals, and then I'll send you tracks ready to drop into your mix session.

$200 includes a doubled lead vocal. If you also want background vocals, I will provide a full background arrangement with harmonies, pads, and screams for $50-$200 more, depending on what you need.

I can provide both clean and screamed vocals

I use Sure Why Not Studios, which has:
-Rhodes NT1 Condenser Mic
-Apollo Interface
-Logic Pro X

  • Pop-Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Punk
  • Gospel
  • Singer-Songwriter

Hamster Wheel

Featuring Cleans and Screams
  • Hamster Wheel
  • Light At The End
  • Sand Castle

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