Male vocals rock, metal, pop, electronic, rap for $100

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Male vocals rock, metal, pop, electronic, rap for $100

PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA INBOX BEFORE ORDERING so we can discuss details and create you an offer if you need custom extras!!!

As a vocalist, I have more than 15 years of experience. I am a hard rock lover but I can sing practically any genre (even rap/hip hop). I can sing gentle, agressive, rap, scream or even growl. I am also a guitarist and have the knowledge of audio/video production.

You can check my work and the approximate quality of the recording you will be getting on my youtube or soundcloud account:
Most of those recordings are rock based but don't let that fool you.

I will record vocals following premade melody (recorded by voice or by instrument).

I can also compose vocal melody for your instrumental which is paid extra depending on the length and composition.

This gig is not considered as "work for hire" and does not include commercial rights for the materials I will provide. If you want work for hire/commercial rights let me know so I will send you a custom offer.

You are not allowed to use my name without my permision.

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Sunshine madness - Friend

I wrote and recorded vocals and heavy rhythm guitars for this song.
  • Sunshine madness - Friend

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