Perform lead and backing vocals for 1 song includes harmony writing where necessary for $380

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) By Chris Logan

Perform lead and backing vocals for 1 song includes harmony writing where necessary for $380

Welcome! I've been a trained singer for 30 years. I am an extremely versatile vocalist with a 3.5 octave range. I can sing in many different "voices" & tones for any genre, style, or project. I've co-written, recorded, and/or toured with Michael Schenker, Jake E. Lee, Pat Travers, George Lynch, Kevin DuBrow and many more.

I started studying voice and performing in bands when I was a teenager. I've co-written and recorded several albums with major artists, toured the US and the world as a front man, and worked with many well known recording artists as a backing vocalist. I currently work in the music industry as a freelancer, a jingle singer, a voice artist, and voice over artist.

* I am a baritone with a 3.5 octave range.

* I have exceptional diction, so the listener can always understand the lyrics I am singing.

* I have a very versatile and unique voice which allows me to morph it's tones and sonic characteristics in myriad ways, giving me an extensive palate of tonal variations and "characters" with which to work.

* I can sing in sharp & piercing tones, soft & clear tones, smokey & rough tones, open & operatic tones (i.e. Geoff Tate of Queensryche), tight & distorted tones (i.e. Axl Rose), roiling, heavily bluesy tones, and I can sing and vocalize in just about every tonality in between.

* I can sing in specific accents, if needed.

* Although my Spanish vocabulary is limited, I have exceptional pronunciation, and can perform certain singing in Spanish.

I would love the opportunity to make your project come alive! If you're looking for a versatile male vocalist that can sing any Western style of music, in just about any tonality or character (including rap), I am your man!

Lead & Backing Vocal performance per song: $380
Lead & Backing Vocal performance & melody write per song: $530
1 revision per song. Additional revisions: $100/ea.
Turn around time: 6 days or less.

Samplitude Pro X3 DAW; Aston Spirit Multi-pattern Condenser Microphone; Roland Edirol UA-25 32-bit/96kHz USB Audio Interface & Preamp

  • Blues
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • R&B
  • Rock

Bad Company

Chris Logan Vox Demo
  • Bad Company
  • Slow & Easy
  • It's Alright - Imaginary Heroes Soundtrack
  • Eye Of The Tiger

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