Professional Vocalist for your next song for $150

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Professional Vocalist for your next song for $150

My name is Cedrik Rowland and I've been a Pro-Vocalist for over 20 years, Recording artist for 5 years, raised in a family full of talent. With my father being the lead singer for his family built band that consisted of my mother as background vocals. My four older uncles all played a instrument. Singing has always been at the forefront of my life'. At age two my parents caught me mumbling a song i had made up------- At age six me and me brother formed a group with my two cousins. We performed at all the friends party's and weddings.

Now in the present my love for singing and music is even stronger and I have plans to take my talent all the way to new heights. Collaborating with a great friend from Negative Proof im now back in action and is making music from all genres and styles while keeping the music, clean, smooth and natural. Only using acoustic sounds and organic instruments. No auto tuning at all. My voice is pure and clear. My limits are endless and im just getting started I have an extremely broad range in all vocal registers and am able to manipulate my voice to cater to just about any vocal style you are interested in! From Usher to Sevendust style to a Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke falsetto, as smooth as Jack Johnson, to a high Chris Brown tone to a John Mayer feel. And more......

What I need for the session:

1. music stereo track mp3

2.vocal guide or scratch track (quality and performance doesn't matter).

I will send back my performance Wave files in what ever format you need.
I provide a rough mix so you get the idea and feel as well.

Thank you for your interest. Hope to hear from you soon..

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