I will sing your song in english or spanish for $40

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I will sing your song in english or spanish for $40

Need a professional, sweet, soprano voice for your songs? I can do that for you!

My vocals are recorded in a professional studio in order to provide the best quality possible.

I have recorded music in different genres in spanish and english.

Vocal styles included:



1. This $40 gig is valid for a song of up to 1:30 minutes, longer songs require an extra.

2. This gig does not include the creation of a track/song/melody/lyrics, only vocals.

3. Please make sure the melody of your song is intended for a soprano register, if you are unsure about this contact me before offering and I will gladly help you out. If an order is placed and the music is not fit for my register, the track might have to be altered.

4. LYRIC CHANGES won't be accepted after the song has been recorded. (Needing to do so will require an extra).

5. There is only ONE (1) free revision included in this gig, any other revisions require an extra.

6. My vocal timbre/tone can be heard in my gig portfolio, I do not imitate other singers.

Vocal range:

Chest Voice (A3) - (A4)
Falsetto (A#4)-(A5)

Thanks for passing by and have a good day!

DISCO POP: You're the one that I Want

My cover of
  • DISCO POP: You're the one that I Want
  • ELECTROPOP: City Sound

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