Backing vocals and Harmonies for $325

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Backing vocals and Harmonies for $325

With this gig you will receive backing vocals for your song. Whether it's just for the chorus, or you'd also like some additional sprinkles throughout, you're covered with this service.

I will provide as many tracks as is needed in order to help the lead vocal and song truly shine.

Whether it be backing harmonies, whisper tracks, gang vocals, one-shots, ad libs or random bits of ear-candy, I'll do what I feel it takes to really help your song shine.

Creating backing vocals is an art form in itself, and one that I really love to do, so if you're not sure what your song needs, no worries, I got it covered.

If you do however know exactly what you need, I can easily mimic any arrangement you come up with.

**If you would like an exact harmony arrangement, a vocal reference is required in order for me to copy the arrangement exactly and carry it out.

=======PRICE INCLUDES=========
- Tracks are delivered dry and in wav format.
- Harmonies are doubled
- I will also submit an mp3 so you can hear the arrangement altogether

=======TERMS OF SERVICE:=========
- Songs over 4 minutes are subject to an additional charge

- Revisions: Due to the amount of work that goes into creating stacks of harmonies, any major revisions like redoing them in their entirety would incur an additional fee.

- I do not offer video/virtual/real-time sessions and collaborations

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If utilizing my name, please use "Audrey Valentina". Please do not use my likeness unless previously discussed with me.


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