Top 10 reasons you should hire me to sing on your next project Lead +bgvs for $200

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Top 10 reasons you should hire me to sing on your next project Lead +bgvs for $200

1. VOCAL CHAMELEON - I love all styles of music and have been hired to sing everything from punk to opera. (Please check out Sound Cloud, above)
2. AMAZING CREDITS: I've performed with many top artists, including Tony Bennett, Hillary Scott, Natalie Cole and Garth Brooks. I've performed on The GRAMMYs and have sung jingles for Coke, Loreal, Lay's, San Pellegrino, Woolite and Burger King.
3. AWARD WINNING VOCALS: I won $100,000 on Star Search for Top Female Vocalist. I am SAG/AFTRA/FI-core, which means I can do union and non union gigs.
4. GREAT HOME STUDIO: Blue Dragonfly mic, Avalon mic pre, Universal Audio.
5. I'M FUN TO WORK WITH: I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do- whether I'm singing as an 8 yr old for a children's project or recording a full gospel choir by myself.
6. I'VE GOT THAT: I've sung on THOUSANDS of recordings- if you want to know if I can sing in a certain style, just ask and I bet I can send you a sample, right away.
7. I SING NOTES ONLY DOGS CAN HEAR: not quite, (HA!) but I can belt up to G above HIGH C. (that's high- and I have a bunch more above that in head voice) This is where I should say.. I can barely get down to G below Middle C- But if you need high, soulful ad libs, a Celine Dion or Carrie Underwood demo or high Disney Soundtrack kind of stuff- I can do it!
8. INTEGRITY- I believe my voice is a gift. I want to be proud of every session I do and I want the client to be happy. I spend a LOT Of time with each project. I'll re sing things, triple things, fix any tuning, experiment with different background vocal parts and send back MUCH more than expected. My motto is "Under promise - Over deliver!". I'm very proud of my 100% Five Star Reviews.
9. EMOTION: I'm a professional singer, I've worked cause i have the range, tone and pitch needed to work in the industry but you can have all of that and still not be able to connect with a lyric emotionally. Without that ability, it is impossible to create magic with music. I hope you can hear what I'm talking about in my audio section.
10. HONESTY: As stated above, I sing in a bunch of styles but if I don't believe I'm the right call for your project, I'll recommend one of my talented friends. It's one of my favorite things to do.

Thanks and take care,
Britt Savage

God Bless America

Celine Dion style ballad
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  • Gospel Choir
  • Live It Up
  • No Good Deed (from Wicked)

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