Versatile Male Vocal Lead and Backgrounds for $150

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) By Matt Griffith

Versatile Male Vocal Lead and Backgrounds for $150

Nashville based studio musician with heavy experience in demo singing and production. High quality home studio set up, Mojave Audio, Universal Audio,. Have a degree in vocal performance.

Matthew Griffith – Singer - Nashville, TN

To Whom it May Concern

We have always appreciateded Matthew`s professionalism and his versatile approach. We have used him for different genres including folk, country and even EDM.

But it would be all too easy for us to say how good Matthew is at singing our songs. That is why we'll let our listeners do it for us. Below are a few random 'blind reviews' from members of the Reverbnation community.

Really, it is something really REALLY talented especially when he sings in that high range.

The vocals of this man are just AMAZING!!! I can't imagine how someone can have such amazing vocals. His harmonizing is out of this world. I can't believe how high those notes went! I can picture this being number one somewhere! I enjoyed it although it was quite sad.

Love the harmonies of the singer. The singer has a very nice and thick vocal. There is a great audience for this kind of music and I personally would love to hear more of this and more from this artist.

I loved the voice of the artist. His vocals were beautiful and not only distinctive but warm and expressive. I loved everything about this song.

The singer has a great voice.

And his voice, oh my god, that is so lovely, so good to hear. It's like a treat for my ears. Very unique voice, the kind of voice and song that stays in my mind for ages. I loved the style of the song, loved the voice of the singer, loved the melody and I loved even more the way that they were put together. There are a perfectly harmony between them, making a very pleasurable song to hear.

The artist has a very nice voice and I think of Ron Pope when I hear this song.

I did think the style of the male vocalist was very well suited, and such a lovely feel and tone to his voice.

The vocals are rich and full sounding with a lot of soul.

Then the vocals come in and they're absolutely stunning. Would actually like to know the artist playing here. I would definitely have this on my iPod.

The singer gives a well shaped performance and his voice is really easy going. He has a deep and rich sound

Vocalist had a mass appeal to voice, with an enchanting twang to tone.

The singers voice is very soothing and fits the style of the song. It 's really mellow and peaceful.

I Believe in Love

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  • I Believe in Love
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