Sing and Write The Melody/Topline & Lyrics For Your Song for $325

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Sing and Write The Melody/Topline & Lyrics For Your Song for $325

Hello there! My name is Robert Matlock and I am a professional vocalist, songwriter/composer, and producer out of Dallas, TX. This is my gig for melody and lyric writing for your full song, as well as vocal stack stems. You can use my writing and stems for commercial release and I am strictly work-for-hire, so you get to keep all of your rights and royalties!

I am a male tenor with a range spanning 3 octaves. Not including falsetto, my official range is G#2-F#5. My vocal style is similar to that of Chester Bennington, Adam Lambert, Gerard Way, and Layne Stanley. However, I am also a bit of a vocal "chameleon", being I know the ins and outs of my voice so well and am able to emulate pretty much any vocal style and timbre to some extent.

I've written over 500 songs for myself and a large variety of artists, both signed to major labels and independent. Everything from rock, pop, EDM, hip hop, metal, orchestral, children's, to country... I've pretty much done it all! If you have a lyrical/melodic theme for me to work with, I can tailor something specifically to you, or write something from scratch. I'll write the lyrics/melodies myself, or sing something you wrote (please contact for custom offer if vocals are already written). My services include doubles/triples, harmonies, background vocals, and ad-libs. When writing vocals I focus heavily on creating catchy motifs and melodies, then finding the right words/phrases that sound good when sung to pull in the listener and give them something they can't get out of their head. I offer revisions loosely, I want you to be 100% satisfied! I record using only the best industry standard gear, a Manley Reference Cardioid/Neumann U87 through a Neve 1073 preamp, into a UA Apollo.

Please message me for custom offers and other services.

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I was the singer, topliner, lyricist, producer, and mastering engineer on this production.
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