Male vocals: low, textured voice, preference singer-songwriter/folk styles for $80

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Male vocals: low, textured voice, preference singer-songwriter/folk styles for $80

Hi there! I'm a singer-songwriter from Atlantic Canada, and I love working on other people's songs. In my day job as a certified music therapist, I have experience singing in many styles, learning songs quickly and singing with emotional integrity. I really care about lyrics and meaning, and will approach your song with heart. I am using Ableton Live 10 Suite, with a Focusrite Scarlett interface, MXL V67i microphone, and plugins from Waves (Rvox, etc) for some gentle processing if needed.

My process is flexible depending on what you need, but generally, I will listen & learn your song quickly, import your demo into my DAW, and record a number of takes, focusing on pitch, clarity, delivery, and emotional content.
I learn best by ear, so if you have an audio demo of your vocal, it helps me increase my time. If you have written sheet music, I can also do that, but will be a bit slower response.

I create a 'Comp' track of the vocal (compiling the best parts of my takes into one track), and send it to you for feedback in whatever format you need (WAV, aiff, mp3, etc), and will be responsive to your requests and needs within my abilities. I will make any revisions needed (generally 2 max, but I want to make sure you get what you need). I can send you the raw track (clean), and a tastefully processed version (EQ, Compression, Reverb if desired).

I have other services available if needed, such as adding instruments (guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, ukulele, simple piano, ambient soundscapes), songwriting, toplining and song production in the realm of atmospheric acoustic / singer-songwriter genres.

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Folk
  • Americana
  • Ambient

Ghost Towns

Atmospheric folk tune
  • Ghost Towns
  • Hard to Find
  • I Will Return To Your Arms

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