Top line or backup vocals for your project for $100

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Top line or backup vocals for your project for $100

I've been a vocalist for 15 years, and would love to write and/or perform toppling or backing vocals on your track. My voice is best suited for pop-punk, pop-rock, country, emo, or clean vocals for metal. This package includes any ONE of the following:

-Writing and recording background vocals for one track.

-Writing and performing top line vocals for one track.

The vocals will come pitch corrected, but otherwise un mixed so that you can mix them accordingly into your project.

  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Folk

Chorus 1 Option 1

A client sent me this chorus for their song, and couldn't come up with a top line melody. I wrote a toppling melody and harmony for them, and sang it. Pop-punk / Post Hardcore feel
  • Chorus 1 Option 1
  • Chorus 1 Option 2
  • Chorus 2 Option 1
  • Chorus 2 Option 2
  • Chorus 2 Option 3
  • Jersey, Jersey
  • If You Die In This Dream, I'll Never Wake Up
  • Start - Mick Louis

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