Powerful and impactful mixes for $175

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Powerful and impactful mixes for $175

As an audio engineer working in New England for the last 15 years, I've had the pleasure of working with many musicians from different genres of music. I provide mixing services with no hidden fees or restrictions. Honest, affordable mixing that includes pitch correction, editing and mastering as needed included within the price. I have hundreds of plug ins at my finger tips, as well as a full production recording studio with analog gear to give a track that extra warmth when needed. I use Logic as my main DAW. This package is for 1 song and includes:

-Basic editing work as needed
-Vocal pitch correction as needed
-Any song under 6 minutes in length
-Any song with less than 50 stems

Package pricing available for projects three songs or larger, ask for a custom quote and we can work out the details for larger projects.

Never Going Home - Charles Austin

Folk / country with a really cool feel. Fantastic instrumentation, and great vocal work. I sang harmonies, mixed, and mastered this song.
  • Never Going Home - Charles Austin
  • Start - Mick Louis
  • Psycho - Rob Ashley
  • Living Hope - Adam Gravell

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