Pop/R&B Male Vocals ala NeYo, MJ, Justin Timberlake and Usher for $500

In Vocals In Vocals (Male) By Jared KF Jones

Pop/R&B Male Vocals ala NeYo, MJ, Justin Timberlake and Usher for $500

Male Pop, R&B, Acoustic, and/or Gospel vocals recorded over your music. This service is for demos you plan to shop, songs you plan to place in film/ television, or personal use. If you plan to release the song commercially, whether for free, or for sale, please do not use my name or picture unless we both agree. (Potentially crediting as Jaired is most preferred)

I record using Studio One 5 professional, an Advanced Audio CM87se mic, Universal Audio Apollo Twin X, and Waves/Plugin Alliance/UAD/iZotope plugins. Read my reviews and ratings!

I will record a lead vocal, and backgrounds (if desired, no more than 12 tracks).

I do not curse, or use derogatory language.

I will mix the vocal, and can provide you with both the mixed, and unmixed vocal (if requested), in case you desire to have another mix engineer mix, or if you choose to mix the vocal yourself.

So please listen to my songs to get a feel for my voice and range. Only hire me if my sound is what you are looking for.

Songs that I have written and recorded have been featured on multiple TV networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, TLC, MTV, and Bravo.

I look forward to working with you and hopefully developing an on-going business relationship.

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