Lush, inspiring backing vocal tracks. for $150

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Lush, inspiring backing vocal tracks. for $150

Sometimes all a track needs to push it over the top is the addition of backing vocals that are lush and inspired.
In this gig, I will provide thick, highly arranged bgv's: up to 24 tracks.
Some influences for my work include Queen, ELO, the Beach Boys, 10CC, Yes, Jellyfish, Gospel choirs, and more.
I will provide up to 3 revisions, and am willing to bounce out individual tracks for each voice, a stem per part, or a single stereo stem blended and panned to taste. Whatever you need, feel free to let me know when you order.
Also, if you want to be there while I record, you are welcome to help produce the session via skype, facetime, or Team Talk, a high quality stereo voice chat client.

Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to sweetening up your song with some BGV's.


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