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Ultimate Rock Vocals for $100

I sing rock and metal rich with attitude. I am a tenor-baritone in the ballpark of Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, Axl Rose, Chris Cornell.

I use an AKG Perception 420 mic, M-Audio interface, and Pro Tools software. There is a small amount of reverb but more if the ambience of the song calls for it. I am aware how it may be difficult to convey what you want at a detailed level so I'm willing to work with you on the number of edits and takes. 5 edits and takes and 3 complete revisions seems fair. The result will be a main vocal track, and background vocal tracks if needed. There can also be a second main vocal track for songs that have 2 main vocals. I have the ability to sound as if there are multiple singers, between my ranges and tones. There is a one week turnaround time for the first take. Much less if urgent. You can see a sample of my singing, including songs from my cover albums in Youtube, search there for linbrookbowlrocker. The song "I Am The Bread Of Life" shows the multiple sounding vocals (multiple singers effect). As you can tell from my samples of cover songs, I strive to put a different attitude in each song than the original, and these are songs I felt needed it. I want to put this attitude into your songs as well. Curiously, I am not interested in creating my own original songs although I have some in Soundcloud (search there with... tyrockosaurus). Rather, I seem to naturally hear others' songs in my own take, then want to revise them accordingly. The second sample song attached is by Joanna Pearl. If you search for her original (album: Sensitive Material), you will see the difference of the vibes. I love doing this! You can see more of my work in Kompoz if you search for my name under artists.

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I Am The Bread Of Life

rock remake from popular church song
  • I Am The Bread Of Life
  • What's It Gonna Take

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