Soundtrack composition for $200

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Soundtrack composition for $200

We create the soundtrack for your project
We create music for commercials, documentaries, video games, TV, podcasts, short-films, YouTube, ads videos and more. We compose music in a big range of styles adapting to the philosophy of every project.

What we do for create a perfect soundtrack?
- Create amazing realistic pianos using virtual instruments
- Create orchestration using the best software
- Make orchestral percussion
- Produce soundtrack music for shortfilms, documentaries or games
- Arrange for cello, violin and other instruments

Most demanded services
- TV channels
- Many shows need music, most of the music is from libraries but they will demand an exclusive piece.
- Videogames
A gender itself really elaborated. Video games creator need music created for their projects.
- The movie industry
- Advertising
To show a message to the consumer, and the right sound for make the customer feel what you want


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