In Sound Design By Paolo Ballardini


If you compose music for images and need help i can provide you cinematic guitars: power chords, swell evocative chords, slide guitars, velvety reverbs, transcendent delays, pitch shifted lines, e-bow ecc...

I record guitars and stringed instruments from my studio located in Genoa (north of Italy) equipped with RME audio converter, API, NEVE and SPL preamps, DBX, DRAWMER and SYMETRIX compressors, different mics (SM57, Ribbon SP, Rode Nt5, Senheiser 606, SE T2, AT 2020 ecc...) , a large variety of guitars (electrics, acoustic, 12 strings, classical, baritone, lap-steel, dobro, 7 strings) amps (Marshall, Vox, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Epiphone, Roland), cabinet (open and closed back, vintage and modern speakers) and pedal effects.

We can easily collaborate: I can read your written arrangement, work with chord charts or, in a creative way, create original guitar parts based on your needs.
My service include all projects: from the Ep of a young songwriter to TV and Radio jingles, Film composers and wolrdwide distributed artists.
If you're a songwriter, composer, producer, arranger or simply a creator i wait to collaborate with you.

First step i need the mp3 of your song with some informations about your music, the genres you like and, if you have it, your idea about the arrangement.
I'll listen accurately your demo to understand which kind of instrument and gear to use (thinking also to the miking technique) ; i'll write you my first impressions and in case my personale advice for the arrangement. If you agree i''ll start to work on the track keeping you updated during the sessions.
If you're not happy don't worry: we can do up to three revisions and i'll get you satisfied.

  • Ambient
  • Neo soul
  • Folk
  • Americana
  • Musical theatre
  • Broadway

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