Harmonium/Accordion/Bouzouki/Djembe/Handbells/Piano/Dulcimer/Balafon... for $150

In Misc Instrumental 100% Guarantee By Jason Stavropoulos

Harmonium/Accordion/Bouzouki/Djembe/Handbells/Piano/Dulcimer/Balafon... for $150

I have a studio full of interesting toys that I can record for you on high-end BURL converters using a variety of excellent mic pres (Neve, Grace, Manley, API) and excellent mics (Lawson, Neumann, vintage Telefunkens, Coles, Earthworks, Royers). Due to pandemic, turnaround time can vary but rarely more than a week.

Hammer Dulcimer
Mountain Dulcimer
Harmonium (23 key)
Hohner Accordion (2-octave)
Balafon in C (2.5 Octaves from F to C)
African Harp (2 octave, tunable)
Melodica (soprano and tenor)
Yamaha Disklavier Upright (same as U1)
Ukulele (bari and soprano)
Blues Harmonicas in 12 major keys
Kalimbas (3 types, C, G, and D all sort of pentatonic)
Greek Bouzouki (6 string)
Bongos (LP)
Windchimes, Sleighbells, Various Triangles
Toy Piano (Jaymar, 2-octave)
Various fifes, panflutes
Glockenspiel (2-octave toy-style)
Shakers, Tambourines, Claves, Guiro

  • Ambient
  • Classical
  • World
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Folk

balafon + african harp

This track features a balafon and african harp
  • balafon + african harp
  • harmonium
  • dulcimer
  • Toy Piano (close mic'd)
  • Mountain Dulcimer
  • Toy Piano (roomier mics)

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