Composer for Film/TV for $500

In Misc Instrumental By Emily Frances Ippolito

Composer for Film/TV for $500

Music composer for visual media. I love helping a client to bring their project to life with the addition of music. I work really hard to get what the client wants and am happy to work until I get what you want. Cost greatly varies depending on length of project, is a film short or feature length and minutes of music used. More than 3 revisions will then add an additional charge. I can use midi instruments well and can make them sound very realistic. If you wish to have real live instrumental recordings that would be an additional charge. I really will need to chat with you to come up with a precise figure to charge. I have experience in film shorts, animations, and various other projects where music is needed. My sound tends to be more orchestral however I love finding new challenges in a project and come up with something that suits the project. *Days to complete will vary based on the length of your project as well as the cost.

  • Ambient
  • Classical
  • Electronic

Hazard Dash

Song I created for a game titled Hazard Dash
  • Hazard Dash
  • Happy Go Lucky
  • One Step At A Time
  • New World
  • Westworld Competition Score

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