PIANO/SYNTH/ORGAN/EP: 1-2 Tracks for $150

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PIANO/SYNTH/ORGAN/EP: 1-2 Tracks for $150

I'll record 1-2 custom keyboard tracks of whatever combo of piano, synth, organ, Rhodes, wurly your song needs and deliver both high-quality audio and MIDI files in a timely fashion, so you can keep moving forward with your song!

  • Classical
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Christian

'Til the End of Time (Jeremy Mayfield)

Me on Upright Piano
  • 'Til the End of Time (Jeremy Mayfield)
  • My Sunrise (Drakeford)
  • Better with You (Drakeford)
  • Clean My Room (Ben Wagner)
  • Fresh Snow (Andrew Timothy/Jeremy Mayfield)
  • Little More Nowhere (Frank Foster)

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