Piano, keyboard and synth tracks/overdubs for $75

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Piano, keyboard and synth tracks/overdubs for $75

I can provide keyboard tracks for your song using one or more of my classic keyboards or software instruments.
My classic/vintage keyboards and synths include: Wurlitzer 200A, Rhodes Stage 73, Clavinet D6, Korg M1, Roland RD700sx, Nord Electro 2, Korg CX-3 w Leslie, and Yamaha TX-802.
I also have a huge library of software instruments, including: Pianoteq, Vienna Symphonic Library, Lounge Lizard, EastWest Quantum Leap, Propellerheads PX7, Mainstage, and many others bundled with the various DAWs I use.
I use Pro Tools 12 as my primary DAW, but I am also comfortable with Digital Performer 9, Reason 8.3, and Ableton Live 9.
My service fee is for a single keyboard track (mono or stereo) per song. If more than one keyboard part is requested for a song, each additional part will cost $50.
I will record as many takes as needed to ensure that I am completely satisfied with the track before submitting it. If the submitted track isn't quite right, I will provide up to two revisions without an additional charge. I also offer a money-back guarantee, should you decide that my submitted track/s are not meeting your needs.

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