Piano, keyboard and synth tracks/overdubs for $100

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Piano, keyboard and synth tracks/overdubs for $100

I've been a studio and road musician for many years and during that time I've done thousands of concert dates, club gigs, and sessions. Currently my main gig is playing keyboards with the country artist Tanya Tucker.
I can provide keyboard tracks for your song using one or more of my classic keyboards or software instruments.
My classic/vintage keyboards and synths include: Wurlitzer 200A, Rhodes Stage 73, Clavinet D6, Korg M1, Roland RD700sx, Nord Electro 2, Korg CX-3 w Leslie, and Yamaha TX-802.
I also have a huge library of software instruments, including: Pianoteq, Vienna Symphonic Library, Lounge Lizard, EastWest Quantum Leap, Propellerheads PX7, Mainstage, and many others bundled with the various DAWs I use.

My service fee is for a single keyboard track (mono or stereo) per song. If more than one keyboard part is requested for a song, each additional part will cost $50.
I will record as many takes as needed to ensure that I am completely satisfied with the track before submitting it. If the submitted track isn't quite right, I will provide up to two revisions without an additional charge. I also offer a money-back guarantee, should you decide that my submitted track/s are not meeting your needs.

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