Keyboard Tracks Piano, Organ, Synth, etc for $150

In Piano, Keys, Synth By David Blickstein

Keyboard Tracks Piano, Organ, Synth, etc for $150

I can provide high quality keyboard tracks.

I have top-end gear, VSTs and plugins. I also have a Steinway Model B concert grand piano in my studio though I tend to use grand piano VSTs.

I like to work very closely with the producers and artists to make sure I'm staying true to their vision of the song.

Genres: Rock, Metal, Prog Rock, classical, new age,

Masquerade by MGH Vad

I did the keyboard tracks for this artist
  • Masquerade by MGH Vad
  • Crunch (Original)
  • Nightlight
  • Mister McCurtin
  • The Light Above the Brook and the Sky
  • The Low Calorie Blues
  • White Christmas
  • Still Got the Blues (Cover)
  • Paradox
  • Foreplay/Longtime
  • Surrounded

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