Piano/Keyboard Track for $115

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Piano/Keyboard Track for $115

Need some keys to bring your track to life? I've got you covered with a versatile background in accompaniment, live performance, and music directing. Let's make your vision a reality.

I'm working with a Casio Privia PX 360M going through a PreSonus AudioBox to Logic Pro. There are multiple sample-quality sounds available on the instrument. I can create sensitive accompaniments using sheet music or build out a part if you are working intuitively.

I have made multiple custom karaoke tracks for singers and guide tracks for rehearsal and recording, as well as my experience as a piano accompanist and organist for over 10 years. The scope here is a single track but if you want more... let's talk.

Pricing is for one keyboard track with a song length of 5 minutes or less; we settle on the patch/sound during consultation. I provide three takes, and will revise my work up to two times. So that's a maximum of 3 takes x 3 attempts to get it right, and $ back if you are not satisfied with my work.

- Contact me and we'll chat about your project.
- When I'm sure of what you want, I record and send you a 30-second reference cut within 48 hours.
- If you are unsatisfied, I will deliver up to 2 similar revisions of my work within a similar timeframe from when I receive your feedback on the changes.
- When you indicate it's good and I'm paid, I send three takes in a single track on Logic Pro, or whatever accessible format you choose.

If you want me to work with a guide track I can, but I at least need a tempo or indication of feel. Often I prefer to work with at least a click for accuracy, unless you are looking for something free and loose.

  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Musical theatre
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Choral

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