Vocals Consultation for $88

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Vocals Consultation for $88

If you are providing your own vocals, you want to get them right before you get in the studio. I can help you get the sounds you want from your voice fast and sustainably.

For this scope of pricing you get 1 hour of vocal consultation. This can look several different ways:

1. We work for 1 hour, straight up
2. We consult/work for 30 mins, and then you send me several takes that I give you asynchronous feedback on, so you can take the time to get closer to the mark
3. We meet for 10 minutes to consult and I give you direction. You send me a ten 5-minute videos of you singing your desired track over the next month, and I send you feedback to get you where you need to go.

  • Country
  • Hard Rock
  • Punk
  • Soul

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