Male vocals rock, metal, pop, electronic, rap for $50

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Male vocals rock, metal, pop, electronic, rap for $50

PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA INBOX BEFORE ORDERING so we can discuss details and create you an offer if you need custom extras!!!

As a vocalist, I have more than 15 years of experience. I am a hard rock lover but I can sing practically any genre (even rap/hip hop). I can sing gentle, agressive, rap, scream or even growl. I am also a guitarist and have the knowledge of audio/video production.

You can check my work and the approximate quality of the recording you will be getting on my youtube or soundcloud account:
Most of those recordings are rock based but don't let that fool you.

I will record vocals following premade melody (recorded by voice or by instrument). Maximum song length is 3 minutes. If your song exceeds that limit, each additional minute costs 15$.

I can also compose vocal melody for your instrumental which is paid extra depending on the length and composition.

If you want me to add harmonies/backing vocals it is paid extra depending on the length.

This gig is not considered as "work for hire" and does not include commercial rights for the materials I will provide. If you want work for hire/commercial rights let me know so I will send you a custom offer.

You are not allowed to use my name without my permision.

Sunshine madness - Friend

I wrote and recorded vocals and heavy rhythm guitars for this song.
  • Sunshine madness - Friend

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