I Sing It Like I Mean It for $125

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By Eric Butterfield

I Sing It Like I Mean It for $125

I am a tenor-alto. I sing rock (some mild screaming, but definitely no metal), alt country, Americana, folk, singer/songwriter ballads, etc. I record on professional-grade studio equipment and a AKG C414 condenser mic, or Warm Audio WA47 tube condenser mic, through a tube mic pre, outboard compressor, and tube EQ. My rock voice can be a gravelly '90s grunge rock sound (you can listen to my audition for Stone Temple Pilots at my Soundcloud link), though I also do a lot of breathier singer/songwriter and America stuff these days. For mellower music I know how to take the edge off. Ballads are right up my alley.

You can find my vocals on my own music released as Eric Butterfield, and also as Sons of the Golden West.

My most recent single, "Boy In A Bubble," placed Runner-Up in the 2020 Song of the Year competition. Other songs I've written have reached the semi-finals in the 2017 International Songwriting Competition, the 2019 Unsigned Only music contest, and the 2018 Song of the Year songwriting competition.

My music has also appeared in more than 250 TV show episodes (credits listed on my website: www.ericbutterfieldmusic.com).

Dead Ex-Boyfriend Blues

  • Dead Ex-Boyfriend Blues
  • Wake Me in Paris
  • Heaven Here

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