Pitch perfect harmonies, doubles and BVS for $99

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Pitch perfect harmonies, doubles and BVS for $99

My name is Matt and I run S&M Productions. A commercial recording studio based on the east coast of Australia.
One of my favourite services I provide for clients is vocal arrangement. Layering cleverly placed vocal harmonies can add so much depth and power to a great song and sometimes its the glue that makes a song come to life.
I have a wide range of mikes including but not limited too the Rode K2 which is one of my favourites, A U87, a few SE Electronics mikes all running through a bunch of different preamps including a Focusrite ISA430 which is delicious, a Presonus Eureka and a bunch of others.
A little about me.
Apart from running the studio I perform 5 nights a week as a soloist playing keyboards and singing. in 2016 I was placed in the top 5 in Australia's got talent for my vocals. Apart from the examples I've put here there are loads more floating around the internet. Feel free to hit me up with any questions and I hope to collaborate with you soon.

Backing and lead Vocal samples

The first 3 clips are with different lead singers with my BVS underneath. Some also have female backing. The last 3 clips are just my voice to give you an ideaa of what I sound like in the wild. :)
  • Backing and lead Vocal samples

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