Vocals for $75

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Vocals for $75

Hi, my name is Mike Dupuis. I am a very experienced vocalist from Lafayette, LA who will provide you with smooth harmonies that fit nicely in your project in WAV 48KHz 24bit or MP3 format. Rock, Country, Dance, Pop, Blues, Funk, and even Cajun Feels.

I can provide 2 and 3 part harmonies (layered or not) with your lead vocal or even some nice oohs where you like them. And if you don't quite know what might fit, just let me work the magic for you. I can mix (blend) them together or provide you with separate tracks for each vocal to let you mix them. You also get up to 2 revisions if you like. One take will do because each vocal will be spot on.

Lets do it and have some fun creating magic for your project.

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