Full Band Recording for $300

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Full Band Recording for $300

Full Band Recording - Drums, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar

Slammin' Mapex Saturn drum kit, mics include SM57, Digital reference, AKG.
Mixer - Behringer EurodeskSX2442FX
Guitars - Nice 60s remake Squire Strat, Yamaha and Alvarez Acoustics.
Bass - Univox
Most tracks include:
Single tracks for each instrument, but can double in stereo if required
Vocals - Can sing lead, although my voice is on the soft side and best suited for harmonies. I can sing all harmony parts as well - 3rd and 5th or other.

  • Americana
  • Country
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Swing

Bring It Back

Fun Rock Tune
  • Bring It Back
  • Dad's Guitar
  • Bon Temps With My Cajun Baby
  • Just Fottin' Around
  • Bobby's Song
  • You Can Never Should Have

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