Rhe - Lead vocals and/or piano melody tracks for $150

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By TaiRhe Turner

Rhe - Lead vocals and/or piano melody tracks for $150

Greetings, thank you for considering me for your project. I have a distinct R&B voice, so if that's what you're looking for, you've found it here. I do arrange and record harmonies. I can also provide piano, E. keys, strings, bass line, etc. to any track. I am versatile and have some experience with recording EDM and pop style vocals, as well. Below you will see my general recording equipment and experience. (Please feel free to checkout the Audio, Soundcloud, and Video tabs)

General recording:
- Macbook Pro Laptop
-M-Audio 2x2 Interface
-AKG P220 microphone
-Yamaha Keyboard
-Garage band
-Pro Tools

-5 years studio recorded singing
-2 years live performance singing
-10+ years piano/keyboard experience
-Opened for Donn Jones on the "Let Me Donn Jones You" Tour (Spring '18)
- Tour consisted of one show in Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Hampton, VA, and Manhattan, NY each

-Willing to be very flexible to buyers' requests of tracks/harmonies
-Willing to do up to 3 revisions if necessary

Shot Clock-( RHEMIXED)

Ella Mai’s Shot Clock cover
  • Shot Clock-( RHEMIXED)
  • Redbone Cover (Originally by Childish Gambino)

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