4 part Horn Sections for $200

In Brass, Woodwind By John Heinrich

4 part Horn Sections for $200

I will record a 4 part Horn section consisting of a Trumpet on top, 2 Tenor Saxes or one Alto Sax and one Tenor Sax and on the bottom a Bari-Sax or Trombone. I am using a program on my computer to get the trumpet and trombone sounds, these 2 horns are not live. There are other combinations possible. I can also put a Flute (real), on the top and double that in unison or harmony with a piccolo. To get a special arrangement please use the Custom form. I can also hire live players for Trumpet and Trombone and that will be a custom project as I have to contract the players, studio and write charts. Trumpet and flugelhorn, including all saxophones, trombone, clarinet (real), flute (Real), oboe (Real), English Horn (Real) Included. Instruments such as Tuba, French Horn, can be hired upon request all of which are highly professional musicians in the Nashville area.

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Horn Section 1

Real Sax with Computer Trumpet & Trombone
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