Trumpet / Flugelhorn for your track for $50

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By clodewerks

Trumpet / Flugelhorn for your track for $50

I would love record trumpet and flugelhorn parts for your song. I play in various styles, but I am known for my lyrical playing more than fast and loud. I can also record layered horn parts. The price includes one track, plus revision.

I can improvise, play a part by ear, or play arrangements written in C or Bb.

Instruments: Yamaha YTR (Bb trumpet), King 650 (Flugelhorn)
Mutes: Straight, cup, harmon, plunger
Equipment: Cascade Fathead, with RME BabyFace

  • Jazz
  • Neo soul
  • Pop
  • Ambient


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