Pro NYC Sax - any style/with pedal board for $75

In Brass, Woodwind 100% Guarantee By Jim Piela

Pro NYC Sax - any style/with pedal board for $75

| 50% DISCOUNT FOR FIRST 7 AIRGIGS BOOKINGS | My name is Jim Piela, I've been working, recording, traveling, playing, and teaching as a pro for 15+ years; with extensive experience in jazz, funk, fusion, latin, hip hop, rock, reggae, and groove. I've been a featured performer all around the world, including at the Guiness Jazz Fest (Cork, Ireland), the Bric Jazz Fest (NYC), NYC Cabaret Convention at Lincoln Center (NYC), and an NYU alumni performance/educational tour (Costa Rica).

I am an improviser at heart, and I love being a part of the creative process. No job is too big or too small; I want to help your music come alive. I value open and honest communication, professional service, and quick turnarounds.

***Let's be honest; I am brand new to airgigs and need reviews from the users on this site. For the first 7 bookings I'm dropping my price from $150 to $75 (if you see 7 reviews on this service, you're too late) Let's make some music!***

Discography below. CV available upon request.

Alto Sax: Yanagisawa 991
Tenor Sax: Yanagisawa 991
Soprano Sax: Yanagisawa 991
Flute: Armstrong 303B-G
Clarinet: Selmer CL200

Interface: Universal Audio Arrow
Mics: Cascade Fathead
Audix SCX-1 stereo pair
Shure SM 98 (pedal board input)
DAW: Logic Pro X

Pedal Board (in order)
EH Nano Pog (Octave pedal)
Meris Hedra (Harmonizer)
EH Small Clone (Chorus)
EH Qtron (Envelope filter or "Auto Wah")
TC Electronic Flashback (Delay)

Please contact if video is necessary for your project.

Transmissions Volume 1, Planetary People (2021) Out of Orbit, Jim Piela Group (2019)
Leon, Michael Sarian (2018)
This City, Jordan Klemmons (2017)
Non Fiction, Jim Piela Group (2016) Cerebral People, Joe Goethe (2016) Downtown Bound, David Banker (2016) The Escape Suite, Michael Sarian (2015) Subtitles, Michael Sarian (2014)
JPQ @ tRN, Jim Piela Quartet (2011) Space Cadet, Jim Piela Quartet (2011) Home Brew, T.U.G.G. (2011)
Come Sunrise, T.U.G.G. (2010)
Slow Chill, T.U.G.G. (2009)
Speak Up, Shoeless Revolution (2008)

  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Blues
  • Hip Hop
  • Swing
  • Soul
  • Rock

Baseball - Planetary Transmission #010

From the Planetary People's Transmissions Vol. 1. Sax thru pedal board example
  • Baseball - Planetary Transmission #010
  • Bump - Planetary Transmission #007
  • Early Bird

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