Sweet, Melodic Oboe and English Horn Recording for $100

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Sweet, Melodic Oboe and English Horn Recording for $100

Let me add some sweet melodies, countermelodies, or harmonies to your tracks! I will record your pre-arranged oboe or english horn parts. No printed music? No problem! Just send me a recording of your piece/song and I will create a part for you. The initial fee includes up to 2 oboe or English horn parts, editing, and 3 revisions. When it comes to my playing and recording, I am very meticulous. I will do everything I can to make it right for you. I care what it sounds like. You will get a high-quality, clean, dry track that doesn't clip to use in your project as quickly as possible. I specialize in sweet, lyrical melodies. I have a lot of experience playing in professional groups and on recordings. (Note: This services is for 3-5 minute songs.)

For longer, more complicated solo compositions I will quote a price on a per project basis.

Instruments: Loree ak model oboe and also a Loree English Horn. I make my own reeds.

Equipment: PreSonus Studio 26c interface, Bluebird condenser microphone. I use Logic Pro X.

  • Classical
  • Musical theatre
  • Opera
  • Folk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

Mantra for Oboe

Excerpt of a solo piece I created
  • Mantra for Oboe
  • Meditation

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